Degrees and Certifications:

K-6 Education Degree TESOL endorsed CLD endorsed Reading endorsed

Mrs. Tench

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Hello there! My name is Kyra Tench, and I am so happy to be teaching for another year at our amazing school! I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in TESOL and a Graduate Certificate in Reading Education.

I have been teaching for 9 years; 3 years teaching 3rd grade in Florida and 6 teaching 4th grade at CCA. This year I am excited to be teaching 5th/6th Social Studies! I can honestly can't imagine doing anything else! I absolutely LOVE what I do, and can’t believe I get to do what I love and call it “work”.

My husband, Bryan and I were high school sweethearts, both born and raised in St. Pete Beach, Florida. After graduating, we moved for Bryan's work at the Kennedy Space Center. We married in May of 2013 and after 3 years, as the shuttle program was decommissioned, we relocated to Denver to continue his career in the space industry with United Launch Alliance as an Aerospace Propulsion Engineer.

We had never visited Colorado before moving, but we both love new adventures so we jumped right in! Transferring from the beach at 5ft above sea level, to the Mile High City was quite an altitude shock! We immediately took to the outdoor culture, and although I sometimes miss the humidity and seagulls, we have fallen in love with Colorado and all it has to offer!

We both love traveling, hockey (Go Lightning!), Star Wars, rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, camping, and really anything that gets us moving and outside!

We have 2 fur-babies; a Cattle Collie named Lola, and a Main Coon named Maui-Meowy. 

This past December we had the pleasure of welcoming our first baby, a sweet little girl named Margot (Mar-go). We are absolutely enamored and are soaking up every precious moment with her!

I am excited to get to know you and your children for a wonderful year!

Teaching Philosophy

My greatest strength as a teacher is my ability to connect and relate to my students while pushing the boundaries of their education by instilling in them academic and social confidence. Education starts with a desire and curiosity to learn. If that spark is not ignited or fanned a student’s fullest potential may not be thoroughly grasped. I have such great empathy & a strong desire to help every single student succeed at not only the creation of attainable goals but the success when they surpass them.

I believe that because children by nature are very inquisitive, the goal of education shouldn’t be to simply mold minds but to plant seeds of information that stem curiosity, questioning, and discovery. I want to impart to my students that they are encouraged to take risks, discover meaningful questions, challenge the status quo, and construct creative answers or processes without the fear of judgment. I want my students to know without a doubt that their voice matters and has the power to make a difference. That their past does not determine their future, and that they are their own person, able to make their own choices, and steer the course of their life.  I want them to see the world for its endless opportunities and wonder while being culturally and economically informed.

In order to be a successful teacher, one must first conclude that every child has a relevant story with which impacts their learning academically and socially. As a highly effective educator, I am flexible and adaptable in both creating and delivering innovative and student-centered lessons while simultaneously adhering to both the standards and interventions. The success of a teacher stems from the pillar of their children's success. 

 I truly believe in our school's mission statement:
"Motivated children and responsible parents working together with dedicated teachers for excellent education."

I look forward to working together with each of your families this year to ensure a successful and enjoyable year!