PALS Chess Academy is one of Colorado's leading chess programs, with PALS students and teams winning the Colorado scholastic state championship every year from 2014-2020.  Cherry Creek Academy Chess Club placed third in the state in 2020, with one star player competing for the individual state championship title in the final round.  Following a creative curriculum written by National Master Lior Lapid, four-time Colorado State Champion and award-winning coach of the US Olympic Chess Team for People with Disabilities, our classes incorporate kid-friendly humor, stories, and fun hands-on "chessercizes" to help students apply lessons both on and off the chessboard.    The goal is for students to not only win more chess games, but more importantly, to build and refine the skills needed to make sound decisions throughout their lives. 
    Chess education has been shown to help students improve in problem-solving, math, and reading comprehension.  Players must calculate options and evaluate their consequences, reinforcing short-term and long-term planning skills, identifying and overcoming obstacles, and practicing visualization techniques to think a few steps ahead.  The "Four C's" of Education (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity) are all included in the "Fifth C" of Chess, and PALS lessons also incorporate character-building through a strong emphasis on sportsmanship, learning from losses and taking responsibility for mistakes.  Beginners are always welcome and no prior experience is required.  Students will be paired based on age and experience, and all are encouraged to participate in monthly scholastic tournaments on Saturdays. Chess Club meets on Fridays from 3:20pm-4:20pm in the Gym.

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