Soccer practice is Monday - Thursday from 3:30pm-4:45pm

Boys Soccer

  • Mr. Loomis is our head boys soccer coach. Loomis loves all kinds of sports, but his favorite sports have always been basketball and soccer. Mr. Loomis played competitive soccer starting early at five years old and played through his Junior year in high school on both club and school teams. Mr. Loomis has coached Boy’s Soccer, Basketball, and Girl’s soccer since 2014 at Cherry Creek Academy. Mr. Loomis’s coaching philosophy centers around teamwork and building fundamental skills and awareness. A team that works together and supports each other can beat any team no matter how much better their skills might be.

    We would also like to welcome Mr. Yevgeniy (Gino) Androsyan as the newest addition to the soccer program here at CCA. Gino grew up in a soccer-playing city and has played soccer since he was a kid. Here are some of his words about growing up in a soccer community. “I played everywhere (from grass fields to asphalt roads and rubber tennis courts), using everything we had (most of the time some old ball, but sometimes even tennis balls or socks), and jumping into the game any time I could, even in a foot of snow. We would level it out with boots, and in a couple of hours, we can start the game. I then played for two years in the Dynamo Stavropol youth team (U10), Moved to Pyatigorsk (Russia), and played for the local Olympic reserve soccer team for two years (U14) and high school varsity team U-16. I was an assistant coach for our high school soccer team (while playing for the varsity team). After moving to the USA, I have not been able to play soccer on any high level, but I followed soccer tendencies and decided to become a coach. In March 2019, I received my Grassroots US Soccer association certification. In November 2019, I received my US Soccer Association "D" license. During the past year, I have run soccer practices with kids of all ages U13 and have developed a hybrid model of running soccer practices by mixing USSA recommended PPP system.”

Girls Soccer

  • Mrs. Loomis has loved sports since she was young.  She was in gymnastics, swimming & diving in high school and played football, baseball, and volleyball throughout elementary and middle school.  Soccer has become one of her favorite sports since her son starts playing at 3 years old.  He fell in love with the sport and so did she. She believes that above everything the foundation of the sport is teamwork and really understanding that this is a team sport!  She believes that above winning is learning how to work together and show sportsmanship, respect and to have a good time! She has been coaching soccer here at CCA since 2017. Looking for another amazing season!  Go Eagles!