• Mr. Loomis is our head boys soccer coach. Loomis loves all kinds of sports, but his favorite sports have always been basketball and soccer. Mr. Loomis played competitive soccer starting early at five years old and played through his Junior year in high school on both club and school teams. Mr. Loomis has coached Boy’s Soccer, Basketball, and Girl’s soccer since 2014 at Cherry Creek Academy. Mr. Loomis’s coaching philosophy centers around teamwork and building fundamental skills and awareness. A team that works together and supports each other can beat any team no matter how much better their skills might be.


  • Ms. Yamauchi is our girls basketball head coach. She has been coaching girls basketball since 2016. She brings her expertise in teamwork to her coaching style and believes that sports can play an integral part in teaching our students CCA's core values. We are so excited she is back for another great year.