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    Adobe Scan to turn in HW
    1. Use this app to turn in HW. You can use the app (or tiny scanner below) to get a PDF of your HW. You can then submit on Schoology.


    Tiny Scanner to turn in HW


    1. Download Tiny Scanner on your phone/tablet (I just use the free version and delete old PDF's once I successfully emailed them to myself).

    2. Photograph your HW in Tiny Scanner (it will turn it into a PDF) and label in the following manner. Course (A1 for Algebra 1 and C3 for Course 3), Lesson (L#), HW. Last name, First name. See examples below.

      1. Example: A1, L4, HW. Johnson, Bill.

      2. Example: C3, L22, HW. Smith, Susan.

    3. Email the PDF to yourself, download it, and submit the assignment on schoology on the assignment name.