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    January 17th - January 21st

    Hello Parents! We hope you had a wonderful weekend! Kindergarten’s 100th day of school is coming up on Thursday, January 27th! Please see the Sign Up Genius that was sent out last week to sign up for donations!  

    Our Learning this Week:

    Language Arts:  This week in phonics we will learn all about short vowel ‘o’. On Friday, will take a spelling test on short ‘i’ words. Our sight words for the week are “two”, “three”,  and “four.” In ARC we will be starting our next unit all about Ecology! This week we will learn about what an ecosystem is and how living and nonliving things work together in an ecosystem. In writing, we will write two sentences telling about our favorite snowy day activity. 


    Math: This week in math we will practice subtracting 2 from a number, use a ruler to draw a line segment, and sort common objects. We will take a math fact assessment and written assessment on Friday. 


    Core: We will be transitioning back to our Maps and Globes unit. We will begin our Me on the Map project where students will become familiar with the world around them. 


    Upcoming Events: 

    • Monday, January 17th - No School
    • Thursday, January 27th - 100th Day of School!! 


    Important Reminders:

    • Your student can bring their 100th Day project to school starting Tuesday, January 25th!


    • PLEASE make sure you label your child’s winter jackets and CCA sweaters! It is very difficult to find these items when they go missing if they are not labeled with a name.



    Please staple all of the math pages to the Literacy Packet to turn in on Friday! 


    • No School



    • Saxon Fact Homework 69B
    • Saxon Math Homework 69B
    • Short Vowel Sort 



    • Saxon Fact Homework 71B
    • Saxon Math Homework 71B
    • Sight Word - 'two'



    • Saxon Fact Homework 72B
    • Saxon Math Homework 72B
    • Short Vowel Sort - short i/short o



    • Please staple all math pages and literacy packet together to turn in!

K-1 Specials - Mrs. MacFarland



    Kindergarten Art

    Students will be overlapping shapes to create secondary colors. We will be doing several projects that focus around making secondary colors. Students will be able to idenify the primary colors that make up a specific secondary colors by the end of the month!

    Kindergarten Music 

    Students will be studying about Johann Sebastian Bach.  We will listen to many of his famous pieces, we will talk about the main instruments he played. Students will also be able to tell the difference between the orgran and harpsichord.  We will be using many selections from this month. Feel free to register using our school code m721785


    Kindergarten PE

    We will be learning many different types of dances in PE. This will encourage hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.




Library/Technology - Mrs. Lanyi


    January, 2022

    Happy new year!  I am so excited to begin the second semester with our wonderful Kindergartners!  As always, you may email me with questions at




    January in the library world is award month.  The American Library Association hands out the biggest book awards of the year including the Newbery and Caldecott.  This month we will focus on the Caldecott Medal - when it began, what it is awarded for, and we will read some wonderful Caldecott winners.  We will also review expectations as we prepare for the second half of the year.



    This month in Technology the students are going to continue working on our coding website,  We are also very excited that the library will be getting a brand new set of Ipads for the students to use.  This month we will focus on how to take care of the Ipad, and introduce them to the students.