December 13 - December 17

Posted by Seth Geltman on 12/12/2021

Our 5th graders created an original song and video for the holidays.

As with our Veterans Day song, they collaborated on the melody and lyrics. Along with the creative give-and-take, it was great to see the teamwork and diplomacy of our kids during this process.

The 6th graders worked further with chord structure and improvisation. As they get more familiar with the bass and guitar, they’re increasingly able to play together effectively on multipart songs. 

The 7th/8th grade group progressed independently on their Student Spotlight Projects. We also further read and discussed Hindsight Bias, and investigated ‘Memory Creep,’ which is a key part of this tendency.

memory creep

It’s the cognitive distortion of thinking you had more information at the time of a decision than you actually did, and reacting to this with phrases like “I should’ve known” or “I knew it all along.” Students made illustrations to further define this for themselves.

 All students have identified a book that will assist them in their Affective Goals, which are non-academic goals to develop over the course of the year. We’re tremendously excited that a parent is supporting this with a financial gift. This will enable each student to have his or her book to annotate.