January 18 - 21

Posted by Seth Geltman on 1/17/2022

Our middle school students took their first steps towards playing the violin and guitar this week. Using our newly acquired instruments, they learned some elements of holding the violin, drawing the bow, strumming the guitar, and playing chords. Students will use these instruments to create and produce original music.


Additionally we practiced compositional techniques, cross-hatching, and working with complementary colors in a composition exercise. We started with “boring” compositions on the left column, and progressed to dynamic compositions on the right, discussing what elements contributed to the improvement.


Some students used these and other techniques to add designs to their quotation posters.


During our technology sessions, we explored other functions of spreadsheet formulas. Students found out how to calculate their age in not only days, but also (roughly) hours, minutes, and seconds.

Our 5th graders are also creating a video that merges an orchestra performance with art to show how the two mediums work together in Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition.”