March 21 - 25

Posted by Seth Geltman on 3/20/2022

Our 7th and 8th grade students finished animations of a character they designed and voiced, based on the concept of ‘Memory Creep.’ We’ve learned about and discussed hindsight bias with our How to Decide book throughout the year. The ‘Memory Creep’ voices some of hindsight bias’s catch phrases.

memory creep

See the 'Memory Creep' video.

Through the process of making this, our students worked extensively with Photoshop’s layers and drawing tools. Additionally, they created ‘Memory Creep’ music with our instruments. This will serve as the score of the animation.

We continue to work toward the Student Spotlight event. This presentation, from our first (and only ‘in real life’) Student Spotlight gives a sense of this event. Our previous two events (here and here) were online due to Covid.

Students are currently designing posters for their exhibits.

julia poster

joey poster