March 28 - April 1

Posted by Seth Geltman on 3/27/2022

It was exciting to listen to our students’ creativity as they used our instruments to create music for their ‘memory creep’ music. To emphasize the idea that lack of instrumental expertise should not inhibit composing music, I discussed with students this obituary of Core Knowledge songwriter Irving Berlin.


Although incredibly accomplished, Berlin's skills as an instrumentalist were limited. In the same way, our students didn’t let lack of experience with an instrument limit their creativity, as they collaborated effectively to record their compositions.

We also discussed film composer Jonny Greenwood’s reflections on how an early experience with experimenting with instruments in school inspired him.

We also discussed Core Knowledge artist Jackson Pollock in the 7th/8th class, and Core Knowledge artist Boticelli in 5th.

After reviewing my presentation about Impressionism vs. Expressionism earlier in the year, we discussed how Pollock exemplified Expressionism. In the Computer Lab, students visited the Museum of Modern Art’s page about Pollock, selected their own detailed views of his work, and shared these with the class. I highlighted the energy in Pollock’s work, and encouraged students to convey that same level of energy in the paintings they’re making for our Student Spotlight event.

The 5th graders worked through a similar process with Botticelli.

In the coming weeks, students will focus on Student Spotlight projects. We have an excellent variety of topics and techniques for presenting them.