May 23 - 27

Posted by Seth Geltman on 5/22/2022

Our 5th, 7th, and 8th graders continue to examine and discuss classic movies. As they view Singin' in the Rain and It's a Wonderful Life, students have written scenes in proper screenplay format; looked at a famous storyboard, and talked about how storyboards function in movies; analyzed ways in which camera angles are used to manipulate audience reaction; and discussed how changes in technology have changed moviemakers' approaches and styles.

Having worked with elements of art and music over the course of the year, we're also seeing how filmmakers employ and combine techniques of sight and sound in this amazing art form. 

Our 6th grade students have been composing string quartets with Musescore. Through this exercise, we're working with structure, melody, harmony, and interlocking rhythms, and seeing how multiple musical programs handle data in the MIDI format.

I'd like to thank our students, parents, and community for getting Alita off to a good start this year. I hope everyone has a very pleasant summer, and look forward to continuing our work next year.